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6 Foods for the Picky Eater in South Korea

There are two types of tourists in South Korea:  those who absolutely love the food, and those who are… not the biggest fans.  I, unfortunately, fell into the later of the two when I lived in Korea, and ended up having a tough time finding food that I truly liked.  Therefore, I figured I would write an article for those of you who are like me, and can’t quite get their taste buds acclimated to the Korean cuisine.

jjimdak with cheese on top of it in wonju, South Korea
Cheese Jjimdak - South Korean Dish

Cheese Jjimdak

If there’s one Korean dish that I miss, it’s cheese jjimdak.   Traditionally, jjimdak doesn’t come with cheese.  It’s typically just a dish with chicken, noodles, and vegetables that’s served in a special sauce.  This is also good!  But, if you can get that more westernized version with cheese on it, I think it’s a dish that most picky eaters can stomach.

Samgyetang - South Korean Food


Samgyetang (삼계탕) is a soup containing an entire (small) chicken that is stuffed with rice and a few other things.  Who doesn’t like rice, chicken, and soup?

Bulgogi - South Korean Food

Bulgogi or Kalbi

Bulgogi (beef, usually the loin) and Kalbi (beef short ribs) are both popular meats to eat at Korean restaurants.  When you order Bulgogi or Kalbi, there are quite a few side dishes that accompany it.  As long as you are not a vegetarian, you should like the meat and a few of the sides.



Bibimbap (비빔밥) is rice with some veggies and an egg on top.  Most people like rice, which means you could combine it with the vegetables you do like.  It’s definitely one of the more popular (and easier to eat) Korean dishes.

Mandu - South Korean Dumplings

Mandu (Dumplings)

There are just some dishes that taste a lot better overseas, and dumplings is one of them.  I’ve never had dumplings in the U.S. that compare with what I ate in Korea.  It’s like eating pizza when you are in Italy.  It’s just tastes better when you are there.

Fried Chicken

When I arrived to Korea I was surprised at how many friend chicken restaurants there were.  The Koreans love to eat fried chicken, and these restaurants saved me in the beginning when I had no idea what to eat. For those extremely picky eaters, you can always order a bucket of normal fried chicken.  However, they also have a variety of other delicious flavors you’ll probably like.

Natalie Bio Pic

Natalie is the creator of this website, Tourist 2 Local, and has a huge passion for traveling and learning about other cultures.  She enjoys diving deeper into the places she visits and is curious about the various foods people eat, languages they speak, and the different traditions and customs people partake in around the world.  Apart from traveling, Natalie is a fierce board game player, an English teacher, and someone who is interested in just about every sport and activity.

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