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camels in Marrakesh Morocco

10 Arabic Words for Tourists in Morocco

A few years back, I went to Morocco for a few weeks and stayed with a local family there.  I was completely immersed in their culture, visiting friends and relatives, constantly drinking tea, cleaning myself up in the Moroccan Hammams,…

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la concha beach in San Sebastian Spain in the summer

Basque Words for Tourists

When you are living or traveling in the Basque Country in Spain, you really do not need to know how to speak Basque (Also called Euskera by the Basques). Yet, knowing a few words could be quite helpful and will also…

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The Bunkers of Caramel - A view of the city of Barcelona

Catalan Words for Tourists

One misconception many travelers heading to Barcelona (check out our article on how to travel local in Barcelona) have is that they need to pick up a few Spanish words before they go.  So, they learn how to say "hola" "como…

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